Artist Statement

My practice inhabits the space between geography, botany, zoology and anthropology, often referencing ‘seeds’ as a unifying concept. For me, a seed is both a symbolic and potential object with the capacity to become anything. I see the fundamental processes of the natural world mirrored in the civilisations and societies we create. Process such as succession where “change in an ecosystem is brought about by the progressive replacement of one community by another” speak as much of the layering of the Anthropocene as it does of colonising habitats. I’m interested in the human desire to categorise and the way we form the boundaries of these taxonomies, often giving binary interpretations that favour parts of society over others. 


I work mainly in metal, which allows for a study of contrast, texture, weight, flow and foundation. The temporal relationship between my work and its environment is also a key factor in my practice, embodying a continuum rather than a captured moment in time.

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